create sustainable freedom

I help creative professionals master their finances to create sustainable freedom

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clarify your FINANCIAL vision, strategize your actions, upgrade your skills, optimize your environment, and master your mindset.


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Create a vision for your future success, challenging + attainable goals, clarity in your purpose, and laser focus to design an outstanding life on your terms! 

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Specific to your situation, customized to your strengths, understanding your unique challenges, empowering and equipping you to take massive action! 

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Providing encouragement and hope, accountability to keep you moving forward, connecting your goals to what matters most to you! 

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The first month of coaching typically covers the following:

Session 1:

Clarify your Vision and desired Results/Outcomes

- Vision: Identify key areas of improvement and create a vision for your future success.

- Results: Create challenging goals to achieve the results that you desire and deserve

Session 2:

Define your Purpose and begin to take Action

- Purpose: Gain Clarity in your purpose. Get clear and focused on your goals and objectives.

- Action: Decide on 2 massive actions to take towards your goals and be held accountable along the way.

Session 3:

Make a massive action plan and schedule actions

- Plan: Develop a complete RPM plan for each outcome/result with massive  actions to achieve your outcome.

-  Schedule: Schedule these actions to make them real.

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