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Hey! I'm James and I'm passionate about helping creatives have more money and freedom to live life on their terms! 

I’ve been working with Creatives, Artists, Musicians, Producers, and Photographers and if there’s any area in your business or finances you’d like support in, I offer a free Business Breakthrough coaching call and would love to chat!

I'm a certified "Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach" (Dave Ramsey's coach program), and am on my way to being a certified "Robbins Madanes Life Coach" (Tony Robbins coach program). 

Before coaching full time, I worked in the music industry in the studio with Grammy Award winning artists, tour managed multiple shows on the road, managed all aspects of business and finances for multiple creative entrepreneurs, and one time personally fundraised over $130K to work for a non profit. 

I'm proud to call Tennessee home, love being a dad to my son Hudson, and enjoy spending time by rivers, oceans, and out with friends!